Town Councillors Meet Rawlett’s Students

Cllrs Andrew James and Rebecca James answered questions from year seven pupils investigating the subject “what makes a councillor?” as part of their citizenship lessons.

Other politicians put in the “hot seat” were councillors Matthew Ellis, Michael Oates, John Wells, John Garner, Michael Greatorex, Stephen Pritchard, John Faulkner, Peter Seekings, Ken Norchi and Jenny Pinkett, who explained to the students that she was an unelected candidate in the last General Election, but was still passionate about community issues.

Questions ranged from the local environment, government cuts, jobs, funding for schools, the daily life of a local councillor to what music are you listening to.

Cllr Andrew James said, “It was a really valuable exercise for us and for the children.  It has certainly given them an awareness of local politics at a really early age and hopefully other schools will follow suit in what Rawlett are doing to bring politics to their students.”

Citizenship teacher Judith Scott added, “The students were determined to get answers to their many questions.  The local councillors were brilliant with them and many offered to come back at a later date to talk some more. I can’t thank them enough.”

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