Rawlett Students Visit Town Hall

Fazeley Town Council have called up on the students of Rawlett Community Sports College to help track down any residents of Fazeley, Mile Oak and Bonehill that have died in active service since the end of the 2nd World War.

The Fazeley war memorial, located in the Memorial Square next to the Town Hall, currently remembers the fallen of the two 20th century world wars and Fazeley Town Council would like to update the memorial to include the fallen since 1945.

Fazeley Mayor, Cllr Andrew James, met with a group of teachers and students from Rawlett on Wednesday, 2nd February, at Fazeley Town Hall to outline the planned project and, following a discussion in the town hall, Richard Kingstone confirmed that the school will proceed with the project.

Cllr James said, “I had the idea to update Fazeley’s war memorial after visiting the National Memorial Arboretum last summer.  After speaking to both St Paul’s church in Fazeley and the Royal British Legion, it was suggested the project would be suitable for a student.  So, after my visit to Rawlett in November when I met year seven students, I contacted Mr Kingstone  to ask if the school would be interested in taking on the task.”

Richard Kingstone added, “This is a fantastic project for the students to undertake and follows on the recent and successful Friends of Wigginton Park that was also established by the students of Rawlett Community Sports College.”

It is hoped to have the search completed and the list compiled by the beginning of April 2011.

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