No Election for Fazeley Town Council

The nominations for Fazeley Town Council are in and, with only 11 candidates for the 11 seats, no election will be required on Thursday 5th May 2011.

There will be 8 Conservative Party councillors, 2 for the Labour Party and 1 independent councillor.

The Conservative Party took control of Fazeley Town Council 4 years ago when they won 9 of the 11 seat at the 2007 election and with 8 councillors, this time around, the Party will again have control.

Current Town Mayor and Council Leader, Cllr Andrew James, said, “I am a little surprised that the opposition put up so few candidates but I am looking forward to a 2nd term of office serving Fazeley and continuing the great work of the last 4 years.”

Next Monday, 11th April, will see the last meeting of the current Town Council and the new Town Council will take control on Friday 6th May. 7 councillors will leave the Town Council in May – former Town Mayor’s Lee Bates, Robert Pritchard,  Jimmy Littlefield and Tony Brookes along with Danny Cook, Jeremy Oates and Wendy Dugmore.

The new council will take control on Friday 6th May.

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