Town Council Ends Unauthorised Parking at Town Hall

Fazeley Town Hall - unauthorised parkingFazeley Town Council have installed a barrier on the entrance of the Town Hall’s car park to put an end to the continuous unauthorised parking that has taken place since the current car park was first opened in 1999.

Councillors voted unanimously at a recent meeting of the Town Council to pay for the barrier to be constructed and installed at the entrance.

The Mayor of Fazeley, Cllr Simon Clements, said, “Unauthorised parking in the Town Hall car park has been a major issue for the Town Council for many years and councillors have finally voted to close the car park when the Town Hall is not in use.  We understand that this will not be popular with some local residents and businesses, however, if we are to promote usage of Fazeley Town Hall to its maximum potential we cannot allow the unauthorised parking to continue.

“We continually receive complaints from both regular and casual users of the Town Hall who have issues with parking.  Last week, yet again I witnessed the problem first hand when I attended a function at the Hall when several of the guests were forced to find alternative parking in Fazeley because they were not able to park safely due to several other vehicles parked there, which had nothing to do with the event.

“Fazeley Town Council’s annual budget is funded mostly by council tax and income from the Town Hall and looking forward to future budgets we have two simple choices; increase usage of the Town Hall or raise our proportion of the council tax and nobody in Fazeley wants us to do that.”

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