Fazeley, Bonehill and Mile Oak Residents Reminded Not to Lose Their Vote in 2014

voteThe residents of Fazeley, Bonehill and Mile Oak are being reminded not to lose view right to vote in 2014.

In autumn 2013, Lichfield District Council started the huge task of compiling a new electoral register that will be the basis for elections to be held in May by sending annual canvass forms to every household across the district, including Fazeley, Bonehill and Mile Oak

In an effort to make sure no one who is eligible to vote is missed off the electoral register, the council sent reminders out in November to households that had not yet registered.  Over the next few weeks, canvassers will be going door to door to households who have still not registered to make sure everyone fills in and returns their annual canvass form.

Diane Tilley, Electoral Registration Officer for Lichfield District Council, said, “Registering to vote is quick and simple.  All you need to do is respond to the annual canvass with the details of all the people who live in your household that are eligible to vote.  It is important to play your part in the democratic process, so please do register.”

If there are no changes to the information on the form then confirm this to the canvasser at the door, otherwise register by telephone, internet or text service using the instructions on the canvass forms previously delivered to your household.

If the details have changed you will need to give the information to the canvasser at the door, otherwise fill in form 2 of the annual canvass form previously delivered to your household and send it back to the council.

For more information, please click here or telephone Lichfield District Council’s elections team on 01543 308125.

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