Fazeley to Commemorate the Centenary of the Outbreak of World War 1

Fazeley's war memorial

Fazeley’s war memorial

Plans are being drawn up to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1 in Fazeley in August.

At the latest meeting of Fazeley Town Council, held on Monday 10th February, Cllr Andrew James proposed the town hold an event in August to remember the occasion and honour all of the residents who fought in the war, including those who gave their lives and are named on Fazeley’s war memorial, which is adjacent to the Town Hall.

The proposal received unanimous support from all councillors present and meetings are now taking place to have the event in place.

Fazeley’s Town Mayor, Cllr Simon Clements, said, “The centenary of the outbreak of World War 1 will no doubt be marked across the United Kingdom and around the world and it is important that the residents of Fazeley have their own chance to remember the fallen.  It is also hoped that relatives of those Fazeley residents named on the town’s war memorial will join us on the day.”

The proposal is to hold both a memorial service and wreath laying at the Town’s war memorial followed by refreshments at the Town Hall and meetings will be taking place over the coming weeks to put the plan into place.

At the same meeting, Cllr Clements also announced that Lichfield District Council is in the process of seeking a grant to fund the restoration of Fazeley’s war memorial.  It is hoped that the funding will be in place to allow the work to be completed ahead of centenary commemoration in August.

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