New Mayor and Deputy for Fazeley Town Council

The new-look Fazeley Town Council met for the first time on Monday 18 May and elected two new councillors as Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Cllr Brian Hoult from Bonehill, who was one of seven new members on the eleven-member council, was voted in as Mayor of Fazeley and took over from Cllr Debbie James who has been Mayor for the last year.

Cllr Hoult said, “I am very pleased to have been elected as Councillor this year to Fazeley Town Council and then to be voted as Town Mayor.

“I have lived in Bonehill for more than 20 years and so it is an honour to serve as councillor and Mayor for the Fazeley, Mile Oak and Bonehill communities which I will undertake to the best of my abilities during my term of office.”

It’s a family affair as 19-year-old Cllr Sam Kingstone, the son of current Tamworth Mayor Cllr Richard Kingstone, was given the position of Deputy Mayor of Fazeley in his first meeting.

Cllr Kingstone, who currently works in Fazeley, said: “I’m very glad to be chosen for the role of Deputy Mayor. I feel empowered, valued and proud to be a member of Fazeley Town Council, and I look forward to seeing what the next couple of years brings.”

Outgoing Mayor Cllr Debbie James has been voted leader of the council and she was presented a framed certificate to honour her term as Town Mayor.

Cllr James said, “I am proud to have been given the prestigious honour of serving as the first citizen of Fazeley, Bonehill & Mile Oak. I worked in Mile Oak for eighteen years and my late father worked in Bonehill for over twenty years.

“I am also very pleased to be voted the Leader of Fazeley Town Council, the role my husband Andrew held for the last four years before he stepped down from the Town Council at the recent election.”

Fazeley Town Council is made up of eight Conservative and three Labour councillors.

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